ScooPit | A Competitive Card Game For Family & Friends & A Fresh Approach To Simple Math Skills


"We love the game... My 8 year old has some raucous ScooPit sessions with her grandparents! (And she usually beats them.)" - Lisa C.
Actual Customer & NJ Mom 4/ 10

Challenge your Quick-Thinking Skills with this fast paced table game.

is the Quick Thinking Card game providing 20 minutes or hours of fun for family and friends alike. Each players' turn consists of adding a simple equation or matching to gather cards into their stock pile.  ScooPit is great for teachers and group facilitators.

ScooPit is a Simple-Addition Mathematical Party Game. As the fast-paced game is played around the table then, new, challenging equations are created. There is strategy and twists; so watch out, your opponent may trump your turn. The more cards you acquire - the higher your score can grow.

ScooPit is fun and a great party game! Families are playing this game in homes and campgrounds, etc.  Buy the Game today.... RAIN - SHINE - ANYTIME - Let's play
ScooPit!                      2 to 6 players and Ages 8+
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$8.00 ea.
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