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Being a brand new game; learning ScooPit directions can take a couple extra minutes until the general concept is understood, the professional can have a great session of playing cards or creating competitions between teams and tables of students or nursing facility residents.


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ScooPit Teaching ProfessionalsScooPit, The Quick Thinking Card Game
can be used as another opportunity for young children to learn quick and simple math skills, the basics of strategy, friendly group game communication and; most of all, discover learning in a fun setting.

Today, the opportunities are endless for children to learn through the ever increasing competition of technology and games in the Home and Activities Department's closet.

ScooPit Children Having Fun
We are excited
to bring the advantage of ScooPit to the market that can add to your teaching arsenal.

Math standards have stood the test of time and throughout a school year, thousands of teaching professionals find their own way of teaching skills, concepts and problem solving. We understand that it is disputed what is the absolute way for a student to learn.
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ScooPit Elderly ScooPit - The Quick Thinking Card Game
was created as a simple math equation game with the added feature of being a memory builder. Bring 2 to 6 residents or clients (players) around a table to create a fun atmosphere while asking questions, posing challenges and stimulating conversation and; of course, play the game.

The scores can be adjusted for ease of calculations: Cards numbered 1 to 9 can be 1 point (normally 5 points) and Cards numbered 10 to 13 can be 2 points (normally 10 points). The other big scoring Cards can remain the same.

Have a Blast! It may take your regular card players a little while to learn something new, but it worth the challenge.
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